Monday, August 11, 2008

Adventureland Park & Blank Zoo

Just arrived at Adventureland. Let the FUN begin!

Ava on her very first ride. She was petrified so they had to stop the ride to let her off. My poor baby!

The fun waterpark at Adventureland. Ava and I got trapped uder the bucket that came pouring down. I panicked a little bit but we got out quickly.

Naptime for Miss Ava. Everyone else is enjoying the waterpark.

Is Ava too young to know how to use a cell phone? Apparently NOT!

Ava loving the boat ride. Finally something that makes her smile!

Daddy and Ava watching the rides at Adventureland.

Seeing double....Ava is intriged by mirrors!

Us attempting to go accross the rope bridge. Not too fun.

Mommy and Ava enjoying the zoo!

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Aep said...

So much fun!!! Love the mirror picture, very cool. Great pics!