Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun at the Fair!

Quack! Quack!

Kiss anyone?

Goats and Girls!

Here is the Piggies lovin' all the attention they can get. (Kinda like Miss Ava!)

We sure had a great time at the fair last night. Ava loved all the animals. Lexis and Emeline loved that they could pet all the animals. I still wouldn't let Ava touch them. See the unexpected kiss from the goat? She kept touching her lips saying, "aakkkie" and "eeewww" very cute to say the least! It was a fun evening!

One more month and Ava will be two. It just doesn't seem right. I was looking at pictures of her birthday party last year. Wow how she has grown. It is amazing to think where she was just two short years ago. (Still safely inside Mommy!) The struggle she indured, but all well worth it! I am counting my blessing today. Three gorgeous girls!


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Aep said...

So cute!! Glad you guys had fun. I know about the touching... we went to the zoo this weekend and Marco couldn't touch anything :)
Wow!! 2 years soon!! That is greatT