Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ava's dentist appointment.

I had to take Ava to a children's specialist dentist today. She had a front tooth that was starting to decay by the gum line. Our family dentist scared me and told me we were going to have to put her in the hospital and fix it there. Dr. Matthew was great today. He told me that he could do it in the office without any numbing medicines. I was shocked. Since her tooth had decay he was simply going to remove the bad stuff and scrap it clean and put a filling in to seal it off. The fabulous news, Ava didn't cry! She laid very still and just looked at him. Her head was in his lap and her body was on my lap. The whole procedure only took about 3 minutes and when he was done her tooth looked a million times better. YEAH!

She was allowed to pick out of their treasure basket. She grabbed for the fake money. I had to laugh. She was given another gift too. It was a pink bracelet that had the words "courage" on it. I still am realing about how well she did. I guess it's good to surprise Mommy every so often, right?

She is growing and getting so big. In less than a week she'll be 2. My how the time flies!


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Elizabeth said...

Noah had to have a couple of teeth also fixed - not anything bad just better to do than not. He also was very good and surprised me.

I also think dentists are so much better with kids now than even when we started going...

She does have lots of courage - so does her whole family!