Friday, June 13, 2008

Steamboat Days!

We all had such a wonderful day at Steamboat Days. Lexis and Emeline love to go on all the rides. Their cousins Anna and Hunter came along as well. Ava was content to just watch all that was in front of her. Imagine that? Brian and I just followed along and made sure they were okay. The weather was beautiful, like in the 70's.

Ava has been learning all her body parts. She points at what you say and then she giggles. She is just growing so much. It is so neat to see her little brain at work! She loves to watch Barney. She dances and sings along.

Next week we will be heading to Philadelphia to go to Ava's follow-up appointment with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I am a little nervous about stepping foot in that place again but I do know that it will help me. Please pray that we stay safe. Philly is a whole different world than what we are used to.


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