Sunday, June 15, 2008

The flooding in Iowa.

Well if you live in Iowa you are well aware that most of the state has flooding issues. We live in Burlington, Ia and the water is rising fast. This flood is bound to be even worse than the flood of '93. I took the girls down last night and the video shows what I captured. The pictures are of our downtown area by the Post office and the banks of the Mighty Mississippi.

Many of the small towns around us have been evacuated. The levies in several places did not hold up this time and our area was hit very bad. For more bad news they are forecasting heavy Thunderstorms tonight. This is the last thing we need. Our home has not been affected but there is a lot of rumors of the city turning off the water and electricity. I pray this doesn't happen.

Please remember to keep Iowa in your daily prayers. Many families have been affected and the waters have not even crested yet, which means we are no where near to the end of this flood season. Lord have mercy!


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CasiBK said...

Your blog really touched me. I'm happy to see that things are working out for Ava and your other beautiful daughters and I hope that everything is all right with you in Iowa. I'm in NJ but we're trying to keep up with all we can on the news. The levy break this morning was hearbreaking. Best of luck to you and your faminy in the coming weeks. Keep blogging. I hope to check in again soon.

Casi King