Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekend Fun!

This last weekend we went to my sister's house in St. Louis. We had so much fun. We went to Grants Farm on Saturday. Ava came down with a fever on Saturday night. She was very grouchy. I decided that it was best that her and I not go to Six Flags on Sunday. So we had a quiet day, while all the rest of the gang had a great time on all the rides. We bought a new vehicle while we were in St. Louis our family is just not very comfortable in a car anymore. So now we have room to move. This will help when we go to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for Ava's CDH followup in June. As soon as we got home I took Ava to the doctor. I was very concerned since her fever never let up. The doctor didn't find much but did let me start her on antibodics. Ava is one of those kids that when she gets sick it is very bad. She can't afford to lose any weight. She is now at 19 pounds! She is feeling much better today. I was just not used to a crying and weining kid. Can anyone say, "headache?" That was me and not to mention I didn't get much sleep for the four days she ran a temperature. I'm praying she sleeps better tonight. She is napping now. I just want to thank my sister Amanda and her husband Jason for always making us feel so welcome in their home. We always have so much fun while we are there. It's like a mini-vacation!

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