Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Day- Palmolive and Ava

Well today Ava decided that while I was giving Belle, our bichon frise, a hair cut that she would drink some Palmolive dish soap. I jumped up because I heard her gagging, as I got to her I saw what she had done. I rushed her to the sink and started to rinse her mouth out. I didn't really know how much she had ingested so I called the Poison Control office. The guy explained that this kind of soap is not that harmful. He told me that she would probably feel sick to her stomach. I sat down with her and I knew she was not herself. She was very fussy, that is unlike her. I went to start nursing her and she started gagging. I immediately looked to see what was in her mouth. I saw something shiny and clear. Very fast I turned her over and down as I was taught at CHOP (I have used this technique many times) and tried to get her to spit it out. Well she cried and swallowed it. The good thing was she could breath fine. I nursed her to sleep thinking I would keep an extra ear on her because of what she had taken. Fourty-five minutes later she wakes and is very grouchy. I tried to feed her but she pushed the food away. She wanted to drink again but started coughing and began throwing up. This made her very afraid. I ran her bath and put a warm towel on her back. She started to feel better. It was a good three hours before she was smiling again. My poor sweet baby.

I have to ask myself is there going to be a day that I don't worry about this child? She does like to scare me. The good news is this was only the third time she has thrown up since she has been home from the nicu. I'm just glad she is fine. I have put up the gate and she can no longer get into the kitchen. I had the gate up but then decided to "trust" her. We all know where that leads.


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