Thursday, April 24, 2008

Never give up Hope.

I thought I would add a video of our experience with CDH. If you looked at Ava today you would never know she had a fatal birth defect. Of course our constant reminder is her large scar on her tiny belly and her pectus in the middle of her chest. We know how blessed we are to just have her here with us.

As I was walking the girls to school today my mind went back to when I was pregnant with Ava. There was never a second that my mind was not on my unborn baby. The fear and unknown was constantly weighing heavily on my mind. The emotional part was very hard. I tried to stay positive. When negative thoughts entered my mind I prayed for God to calm my spirit. So today I am thinking and praying of all the pregnant mothers that are awaiting their CDH baby. God be with them!

The end of the video has Ava with our new statue called, "Baby in God's Hands."

"Never give up Hope. Miracles still Happen."

I encourage you today to think of all the wonderful miracles God has given you in your life. How easy is it to ponder the bad things but we should also remember the miracles as well!


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