Wednesday, April 16, 2008


How many people take sleep for granted? I am not one of those. Since Ava has been home from the nicu she has NOT slept a whole night. In fact it was very normal for her to wake anywhere from 4-10 times a night. I would nurse her and then she would quickly fall back to sleep but it sure killed my sleeping patterns.

Well Brian and I moved her to her own room last week. She still would wake but less often. Tuesday night she only woke once. I awoke to a refreshed new person. (Myself) I felt like I came out of a ca coon. Now last night I stayed up pretty late. I couldn't get to sleep. It could have been because Brian was snoring loudly or the fact that Ava was no longer in my room. Call me crazy but I still loved to hear her breathe. So I got little sleep. But when I finally woke up at 6:45am I realized she had not cried all night LONG. I am so shocked.

Finally after 19 and a half months she slept through the night. God is still in the Miracles business. So now I am expecting great things out of this little Sleeping Princess.

The sun is out today here in Iowa and I am going to take Ava on a stroller ride. Maybe after she wakes up for her nap. Yes she is sleeping again.

Perhaps I can become a normal person now that I can SLEEP all night long!

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