Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh no… not that!

Hello Ava followers. I’m posting because we need your prayers. Ava woke last night throwing up. She’s never had the flu only abdominal problems ever. We are hoping this is the flu. It is so hard with Ava as we are never for sure. I gave her a Phenergan Suppository and that seemed to help. She was finally able to get back to sleep. I called her preschool this morning and asked if they knew of anyone else that had the flu. She claims they are not aware of others… “Great” was my next thought.

Ava 2476

She is feeling a little better this morning and is drinking a little water. So well see how it goes. I called our local doctor and informed her but knowing Ava if she turns worse we will be heading to Iowa City. She always keeps us guessing.

She looks so different from last night. I took a few pictures of her and Emeline in their cute animal hats.

Ava 3516 (2)

And Emeline and Frankie…

Emeline 3528 (2)

PLEASE keep Ava in your prayers. She’s been doing so well. I just want to hide her all Winter long. There is so much junk going around right now. These are the days I wish I’d never put her in preschool. I’m hoping she can get some rest. Thanks for your love, support and prayers. I’ll try to keep you all posted. Remember, No news is good news.

~Terri (Ava’s Mommy)

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Lisa said...

Terri, I hope she is feeling better soon! I think preschool is good for her...I know it's hard with all the germs but it can also help to have a little exposure to those nasty germs.