Saturday, January 21, 2012

I See…

Hello all. We are fine now but Ava had to make my heart beat a little faster this morning. Lexis had decided to give the dog a bath and she hates blow drying him so I stepped in. I was nearly through when Ava came running in the bathroom holding her eye saying she scratched it with her thumb and could not see out of it. I took a deep breath and set her on the couch. I asked Lexis to get her a cold rag. We put that on it but she kept crying. I began getting concerned when she wouldn’t stop crying. I’ve scratched my cornea before so I know the pain.

I decided to call the doctor. (The one office is open until noon on Saturday.) Luckily it was 11:20 AM. They told us to come right in. We had to help her walk as she couldn’t see. I told her to keep her other eyes closed as well and try to rest them both. We made it to the doctors office. She then stopped crying. I asked her how it felt there and she said a little better. (Pictures are taken from my cell phone.)


EYE 0121121144


Lexis was my helper. I was glad to have her today. Emeline is on a ski trip with the church.


EYE 0121121145 (2)


The doctor put some dye in her eye and looked for scratches. He looked but found none. I felt SO much better about the situation then. He thought she may have irritated the lining of the eye but didn’t damage it. Thank the Lord! He said to keep an ‘eye’ on it. She didn’t need an eye patch or any antibiotic drops. We all left smiling. She feels much better. This was the way home.


EYE 0121121201


I’m so glad it was nothing serious. Ava always keeps me guessing and my heart beating… faster than normal. I’m again thinking this may be due to her right hand. The strength is just not there. She is continuing to gain strength, as she is still attending therapy. Since her hand strength is low her hands seem to get in the way. We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. We are blessed to have such a supportive bunch of followers.



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