Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ava in a Commercial?

Hello Ava friends. Yes you heard right! Ava was in her first commercial. It is for a local Therapy group which she uses three times a weak to gain more right hand strength. She did great. She did a typical session and then they videoed a few minutes of it for a commercial.

I just got over a very bad sinus cold. It was tough finishing the year and trying to keep away from Ava. Thank goodness Brian was able to be here all weekend long. I’m feeling much better now. We are praying Ava nor the rest of the house get the cold.

Our new year has started off pretty well. Ava happily returned to preschool yesterday after her very long Christmas break. She was thrilled to see all her friends and teachers!

A few pictures of her commercial day. Our Ava is a Star! I can’t wait until the entire commercial comes out. I’ll be sure and post it if I’m able to get the link.

Here is Ava and Cindy.

3488 final


3489 final

Thanks for dropping by and checking on Ava. Again we love all the messages! We appreciate the thoughts, love and prayers!


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