Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello Ava friends! So you read the title? Yes Ava has bronchitis. We’ve been doing breathing treatments for six days now. Her cough was getting worse so I took her to the doctor this morning. I knew with colder weather comes sickness but wow did that creep up fast. She started her on a heavy dose of antibiotics and steroids along with what we were already doing, Albuterol and Pulmicort treatments. So now we wait and see. Any sickness with Ava puts me on edge as I know how quickly things can go from bad to a whole lot worse. I just have to put my trust in God and know that He’s brought her this far and He can heal her again.

Better news in our family… we rescued a small poodle dog and now he has made a great member of our family. The girls have been wanting a dog for awhile now. The opportunity was given and I decided that Frankie needed our help. We’ve had to retrain him but he is doing pretty good. Last week I took Ava and Frankie down to the train station for a little photo shoot. They both did so good.

Ava 2578

Ava 2580

Ava 2667

Ava 2590

Ava 2636

And my all time favorite!

Ava 2672

I just have to brief you on her Halloween costume. She was Daphne from Scooby Doo. She fit Daphne to a tee! Her second year of going trick or treating was even better than the first! She was overjoyed by her full sack of candy!

Ava Halloween

She’s still working on this candy!


She is doing great in preschool. I just wish the germs would stay away. I know I can’t protect her from everything, just wished I could! She got her pictures taken at preschool but I just had to take a few she left as she looked so grown up.


I think I’ve caught you all up on Ava’s progress the last month or so. She’s been doing great. She can write her first name. We are working on her last. Please join us in praying for healing with this latest cold. We need her to stay strong and healthy.

Thanks again for all your love and support. God still blesses us richly.


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