Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Walk for Wishes"

Good afternoon Ava followers. It is such a beautiful day here in Iowa. Our family was invited to attend the third annual Burlington "Walk for Wishes" put on by the Iowa Chapter "Make a Wish." We were so excited. Ava was granted a wish through them a few years ago. We decided to wait until she was a little more healthy and a bit older so that she can remember her wish. What a wonderful organization. We met a few other kids there today that had already had their wish granted.

Here's a slideshow of the Walk today.

You know I had to doll our little "Make a Wish" girl up. I created her shirt, a hair barrette and threw together a matching tutu and Bam we were all ready to go! She was so excited as there was a bounce house and a free ice cream van. She was in awe of it all! She even saw her favorite friend.... Buzz the Bee!

So off we went walking and walking...

She had her very own sign!

This is "Lake Starker" it is so beautiful this time of year.

Ava trying to walk backwards!

We walked with approximately 50 people! Ava walked about a half a mile then we put her in the stroller and walk her the rest. We got a necklace at each lap. We did four laps... one hour and twenty minutes!

Ava and her sign. We are SUPER proud of her. Lexis and Emeline also walked and showed their support.

Here I am with Emeline and Ava.

Ava and Daddy... he never gets a Sunday off so this was a double blessing!

And for all the laps here is Ava's necklaces. She was so happy to finally be done!

After the walk we sat down and ate lunch. Ava loves throwing away everyone's trash. Unfortunately the garbage can was one she wasn't used to. She got her finger stuck in it and cut it. We think it isn't bad enough for stitches however we did have to go home early. We put antibiotic ointment and a band-aid on it. She is prone to finger accidents, not sure why... this is her third finger incident. Two were ER visits. We are happy this one wasn't. She is on pain medicines so she feels a little better. She had to end the walk on a good note huh?

Besides her getting hurt we had a great family day. We thoroughly enjoyed the "Make A Wish" picnic and walk. We can't wait until one day we are off on Ava's wish. I will be asking for donations next year. We will be getting a large team together to walk with us in honor of our little Princess!

Ava is loving preschool and now has many friends. She is learning so much and we can tell her brain is growing and expanding. She can now write her name. We are so happy with her progress. God has been good! Thanks for all your prayers. I know they come from so many of her loyal followers. We thank you!

Added update: We had to take Ava to the ER. Her finger did need attention. The doctor was very nice and decided against stitches but put steri strips on to keep her finger together. Poor pumpkin. She is now sleeping peacefully. :)


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