Friday, November 18, 2011

Breathing Better


Hello all! She’s doing her ever-so-popular breathing treatments. She does the Albuterol every four hours (even at night if needed.) Then she does a Pulmicort through the nebulizer as well, twice a day. She’s a pro! Oh and YES she is Princess Ariel today as you can see!


I took Ava to the Doctor this morning to make sure her lungs were healing. I always worry a bit more on Fridays because the weekends. She is doing so much better. Doctor says she can now hear her left lung! She still has a cough but it is much more productive. Her stats over night were better as well. She sleeps on a mattress right by our bed. My eyes stare at her monitor much of the night. Her color is coming back!

Last night I did some bonding with Lexis and Emeline. We went to the Midnight showing of “Breaking Dawn”. It was great focusing on just them. Brian took great care of Miss Ava. Her and Daddy had fun too!

Please continue to pray. I believe we are over the biggest hump. We now have to keep her away from others for a week or so. Her doctor thinks that she shouldn’t go back to Preschool until after Thanksgiving break. I thought that was very smart.

Thanks for dropping by and checking on little Ava! God Bless.


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Darcy said...

I am so glad that Ava is improving! We are just getting over something similar. Owen got so excited when he saw the pic of Ava doing her "breathment ma-treatment", he hasn't ever seen anyone else do one!
We do pulmicort and xoponex twice a day and then extra xoponex if needed. He spends about 25 minutes twice a day, his mask is a turtle...