Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Ava!

Ava is 5

Hello Ava fans! I first want to say, “Thank You” to all our devoted followers. The blog has hit over 100,000 views since October 2008. It is with your love and support I continue to write and share Ava’s story. I also wanted to mention her carepage (this was my first Ava blog) has over 3000 visitors. (This means 3000 people have read Ava’s carepage.) She has almost 6300 messages of love, encouragement and strength coming straight from you all. I’m floored by your love and support. So I say again, “THANK YOU”. I hope Ava inspires you. I’d be honored if you’d leave a brief message of how you found out about Ava and when you started following her blog or carepage. I’ve been sharing our CDH story, Ava’s entire life. I never knew that keeping a journal would turn out to be so big for us.

If you’d like to read Ava’s entire story you can find it here on the blog. Just scroll to the top and under the title you can click on “Ava’s Story”. If you are a carepage follower you can read it here. I started a blog for CDH parents. If you are a CDH Mom or Dad and you want to share your child’s story please send me a message. I’d love to add your story to the blog in our “Featured CDH Child” section.

SO yep Ava turned 5 today. I made a very short video of the highlights of today. Hope you enjoy!

I did get a little emotional today. I thought to myself, “Things could be a lot different right now.” I always go back through and watch her birthday tribute videos I’ve created. I still can’t believe she survived this nasty birth defect. She was brought into our lives to make us stronger. She seems to teach me something new everyday. I’ll say this again, “I’m proud to be her Mommy!”
Enough talk here is some pictures of Ava’s day…
Ava and Mommy
Ava and Mommy

Balloon by the water copy


Ava's 5

Her special birthday bow and dress I made especially for her big day!


She really is quite the little lady. Her smile lights up the entire room.

Birthday Cake


Her excitement is contagious and makes you laugh! She asked who used the funnies in the newspaper to wrap her presents. She thought that was so funny!



Had to give you one more shot of her and her Scooby Cake. Brian’s Sister made this for Ava. “Thanks again Marsha for again making her exactly what her heart wanted!”

She's 5

Oh yes and if you are wondering… Preschool is going great. She loves everything about that place. I’m thrilled she has made many new friends. She is a social butterfly. She has this energy that people are drawn to.

Also another update, my Sister Rachel’s fiancee Doug is doing well with his kidney transplant. Thanks for the prayers!

Okay signing off. We love Ava’s supporters. Keep reading and praying for our little girl and I promise God will send a special blessing your way.


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momofmiracles said...

Happy Birthday, Ava. You look so grown up in these photos.

Love your adorable dress ... you are SO CUTE.