Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Banged up.

Hello Ava fans. A few things going on in Ava’s world right now. She has had so many small accidents this last week. It started with the cut finger, then she got hurt riding her bike. She fell and scratched up her back pretty good. Then today she was trying to go too fast and skinned her knee up really good. She has no meat on her bones so each accident is severe, it seems.

Here is her finger. It is doing much better. Stitches will come out in a few days.


Here is her lower back from the bike ride fall.


Her knee we bandaged quickly so no pictures of that. Please say a prayer she heals and no infection for Miss Ava.
Thanks for stopping by.

~Terri Helmick

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sarahkolfage said...

Hope she is doing better, poor little baby. I'm praying for her...