Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hello everyone! I just want to say how AMAZING you all are. I can always count on Ava's readers to help me out. I won't go into much detail but I'd ask you all to go "like" a certain page on facebook a few days ago to win a free tutu and MY GOODNESS was I surprised at the wonderful response! I actually gave, with your help, that page over 140 fans! So I was shocked when she didn't choose me... and not only didn't she choose me but she became very rude as well. In the meantime I had several of you offer to buy and make Ava one yourself. I was so humbled. God always keep me in check, letting me know that although bad things happen there is still wonderful, caring, loving people in this world and we should never feel discouraged or down. I was really feeling so loved.

However the crafty side in me took the challenge and I decided to make Ava one myself. It was quite easy and very fun. The Girls and I have a Shop on facebook. We sell hair things, hats, and now tutus! If you have not stopped by please check us out. Lexis and Emeline Creations- We also have a blog…

Here is Ava in her Patriotic GLITTER Tutu! Made with LOVE by Mommy.

{Firewoks Princess} 2

{Firewoks Princess} 4

{Firewoks Princess} 3

{Firewoks Princess} 5

And this picture was taken at Snake Alley. One of the most crooked streets in the United States. We love this street.

{Firewoks Princess} 6

For all you Dad's out there HAPPY FATHER'S Day!

We went to a wedding last weekend so I took the opportunity to take some family pictures. You know me I just can't get too many! :)

Family 1

Helmick -2

A few of the Girls around Lake Starker.

Girls 2

Girls 4

Girls 1

Her scraps and bruises are all healing nicely... I asked her the other day how she was going to keep herself from getting hurt. She smiles and replies, "I can't Mommy!"

This Thursday we take Ava for her yearly check-up with her surgeon, Dr. Shilyanski. She is pretty excited about seeing him again and showing him how great she is doing. She will have a CT scan to check her diaphragm and how it is holding up. This time she has no g tube so she will have to drink the dye. Not sure how she will do but praying all goes well for this test. I still marvel at how well she is doing. God has been so good to us!

Thanks for visiting and thanks again for all your support, prayers and love. I love hearing that you still continue to keep our Ava in your prayers. This means the WORLD to Brian and I.



Cindy said...

I'm so glad that Ava is healing up. I love your family pictures, and that tutu you made is AWESOME!

sarahkolfage said...

Great Pics. Glad Ava is doing better.