Monday, March 21, 2011

Tooth is Dead.

Hello Ava followers! Ava has a few things going on right now. A few days ago, while I was brushing her teeth I noticed her front tooth was a strange color. It scared me. I made an appointment with our dentist this morning. She thinks that due to trauma the nerve in the tooth was damaged thus the tooth is dying. I can’t remember her hitting her tooth on anything. She says it is quite common. That made me feel a little better. This tooth is a bit loose and may be coming out sooner than it should. Dr. Gipple is hoping that she has no pain with it. The plan is to let it stay as long as it does not bother Ava. We also have to watch for infection on her gums above the tooth. When it does come out we are hoping she didn’t do major damage to the permanent tooth. Did I mention she LOVES the dentist? She has been asking to go there ever since last November. She looks SO grown up in the big dentist chair.

Here is the tooth in question. It actually looks worse in person.



I can’t believe how big she is getting. She just sat there quietly and let the dentist look her over.


Also she has a cough. I’ve started the breathing treatments and the steroids to kick it fast. Strange thing is no one else has a cold but her. She has no runny nose or any other symptoms besides the cough. I know she doesn’t have allergies so I’m hoping it will pass fast. A few days before her cough she told me she was getting a cold. I laughed and told her she was silly. I’m thinking she wasn’t so silly after all!


What a smile! I love this little doll!


I can count on my Ava warrior prayers to keep her supplied with healing prayers. Thanks for your happy thoughts and all your love.


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sarahkolfage said...

What a cutie! I'm so glad she loves the dentist. I'm a registered dental assistant so that makes me really happy. Hope she does ok with her tooth. It is very common that kids have that. At least she still has her pretty smile!