Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ava has RSV.

Hello all! Ava’s been down with a TON of coughing, sneezing and a leaky nose. I’ve never treated a “cold” that did not improve with medicine. I’ve been doing breathing treatments consisting of Pulmicort (Steroid) and Albuterol for five days now. She has not been sleeping as her cough is SO over powering! I did the Dimetapp as much as I could with no help in site. This morning I asked her what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to go to the Doctor. (As you know, I HATE taking her to the doctor as that place is CRAWLING with germs. I cringe each time my mind has to go there.) I have a stethoscope here and I knew her lungs were clear. She’s been very warm but with no “actual” fever. Early this morning I hooked her up to her Pulse Oximeter. She was less than she usually is…running 95-96 but still way on normal levels. Meaning she was getting plenty of oxygen to her body.

I was very concerned with how her eyes looked so I decided she was probably right. We geared her up with a full face mask and brought along tissues, disinfectant wipes, portable DVD player and Scooby Movie. The funny thing was my Father has been very sick with a cough as well and he was in the waiting room. He instantly noticed how bad her eyes looked, even with the mask on. She lite up when she saw her grandpa…even with the cold. Strange they both got a cold and were not around each other. As we waited for the doctor I got out the ever so long, “Ava list”. This is all her surgeries, medicines and allergies. I normally get quite shocking looks when doctors read through all of it. Finally the doctor comes in. He thought her ears looked red but not infected. Her throat was red but didn’t look infected. And her lungs sounded clear. He asked to run an RSV test and an Influenza A. I agreed thinking I’m sure she has neither. WAS I WRONG! As we waited for the test we watched Scooby Doo and the Loch ness monster. After only a few minutes Ava fell fast asleep on my lap. She is just been zapped of her energy. Finally the doctor returned and said that she had tested “positive” for RSV. I dreaded those words. I’d prayed for so many years that it would never hit Ava. She had gotten the RSV shot for the first year of her life and then some. My heart just sank. For a child with fragile lungs THIS is NOT a good thing. How could this have happened? He gave me a print out. He explained that he thought she was handling this quite well and that I was doing all the right things. He scolded me for not getting her the flu shot this year. (I can’t explain why I didn’t. However this would not have stopped her from getting RSV) So I decided to go ahead and get one right along with Ava today. Not so fun but now it is done. I voiced my concerns about her being so limp and life-less. She wasn’t getting off the couch. She wasn’t moving. She wasn’t eating or drinking well and I know she is dehydrated. He tells me that he doesn’t feel she is sick enough to be put in the hospital. (I thought to myself… buddy you don’t know this child.) NOT that I want her in the hospital I just don’t want her to get worse. My Mama Bear comes rearing out and I can’t stop her! RSV is a virus so antibiotics don’t help. Usually though there is a secondary infection that pops up with the RSV making things worse. I’m really hoping we can bi-pass that. He refilled her breathing treatments and out of there we went.


I came home and called the big guns, Iowa City. Her NP talked me through it and I felt better after I got off the phone with him. She MUST drink. She can afford not to eat as she has what 2 pounds to spare… I say that as a sarcastic joke. She is so tiny. She’s already lost 1.5 pounds. We can’t lose any more. And I was so excited that she had gained the three pounds last month. Oh I’m sure we’ll get them back plus more!

Here is where she has spent the last three or so days.



She is resting now. Could everyone say a prayer that she will beat this RSV with in home care and not have to be put in the hospital? Thanks for your love and continued prayers.



Cindy said...

That sucks! I hope she kicks it soon and doesn't have any secondary infections. She's older and healthier now, but I know you still worry. We'll be praying.

DevonLeah said...

poor ava! Prayers for a fast recovery!

Joanna said...

My prayers are with her!! She is an amazing strong little girl and will overcome this!!(((hugs)))

Janna said...


I hope Ava gets well soon! Saying prayers for you both to get through this quickly.

Janna Caravia
Due 4/26/11 CDH Baby Boy

Katie A Dingwall said...

Terri - reading your blog and shocked to hear Ava has RSV - as you know we have very recently been through this and it can be a very hard time but as someone has already pointed out she is much stronger and bigger and this is on her side. Max took it bad and still kicked it into touch! Always keep up to date with Ava, you are a true inspiration for all those going through their own CDH journey and i'm so glad are paths crossed :) Big hugs to Ava xxx