Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Barney Kind of Day.

Hello internet friends! There is so much to report. First the good weight news. Ava has gained THREE pounds in the last month. I myself just could not believe it. It took her stepping on the scale about ten times before I believed what I saw. I’m thinking the daily trip to the Dairy Queen has been helping. She loves vanilla Junior cones. She also loves eggs and noodles. Her appetite has been fabulous! She is also growing very tall. Last I checked she was 44 and a half inches tall!

Yesterday we took Ava to see Barney Live. She was SO happy. She danced in the isles and kept coming back to give me hug after hug thanking me for bringing her to see Barney. She must have thanked us ten times. She sang out loud and was not afraid to hold her sign up for all to see. I just smiled. I’m in awe. It was truly something I never thought she would get to see. God has blessed us. I will never forget her happiness. One the way home she rested well. She was so excited. I think it is neat to be able to give your child something they really love.

This was taken right before the show.






Yes that is Ava in the purple shirt in the isle dancing!



WOW what a day!

On Valentines Day I started a page on face book for parents of CDH kids. If you are interested please check out this link. (You can also click on the face book application at the right side of Ava’s website.) It is called “Raising Healthy Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Children.” I just feel obligated to help bring parents together in a good way and discuss our concerns and fears about raising a cdh child. It is nice to know there are SO many miracles like Ava out there living a healthy life. Yes they face issues but with parents that understand it become slightly less scary.

I took some pictures of Ava this morning. My laptop is getting worked on so I have no photoshop. These pictures are all unedited. I got this beautiful green dress at Younkers for $10.80. It fit like it was made for my little girl. She did so good. She is growing up so quickly.

IMG_7114 (2)

IMG_7112 (2)

IMG_7110 (2)

IMG_7104 (2)

IMG_7106 (2)

IMG_7102 (2)

AND this last one is my favorite. It reminds me of her looking to God. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

IMG_7098 (2)

March is Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Month. Although CDH does not affect all babies it does affect many. It is not considered a “rare” birth defect anymore. More and more parents are finding this to be their child’s fate. Let me take the time to explain what CDH is… (inside of the womb) the diaphragm does not form properly, leaving a hole. The abdominal organs move up into the chest cavity, compromising the heart and lungs. Now you know!

Thanks for checking in on Ava. We appreciate your support and prayers. We feel your love!


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DevonLeah said...

Oh how fun w Barney and so glad she gained!!!
She is beautiful!