Thursday, January 20, 2011

Virus in the Eye.

Hello! Ava is getting better thanks to all your prayers. Her cough is slowly leaving. She's been complaining her eyes hurt. Last night she cried so this morning I took her to the eye doctor. He was very nice. He told us she has a virus in her eyes, probably from her cold. He's seen many people lately with the same thing. It isn't serious but it can turn bacterial, which may mean more antibiotics. He gave us eye drops to put in them a few times a day. Hopefully she'll get better in a few days.

Also her appetite is back. She's been eating really good since she's feeling better. I don't believe she lost any weight from her cold. I always worry.

Here are a few pictures of today.

Thanks for all your prayers. We give God all the glory.

The book is coming along great. Thanks for the support. I know so many can benefit from Ava's journey. I sit back in awe of all that God has done for my little girl. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone!



Katie A Dingwall said...

Poor Ava, I hope her eye infection has cleared up and she's kicked that cough into touch! Max trying to type on the computer here so i'll let him say something......3

bhy ft\ FTH KKJFD \ 1 VBC

Okay thats enough before he breaks this!!!

Katie xxxxxxxxx

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She is sure going to be much better with rest and care and love and prayers from all who love her.It is truly a difficult phase for her.