Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coughing take a hike!

Hello Ava watchers. I had to take Ava back to the doctor on Saturday morning due to her cough. She just can't seem to kick it. I listened to her lungs here at home but I wanted to be sure it had not gone to her lungs. Her pulsox machine was saying she was doing great. Her saturation levels were 100 and her heart rate was normal. You know me I had to be certain. Good thing I took her in as she had a sinus and ear infection. Good news was her lungs sounded clear it was all in her nose and throat.

I'm hoping the antibiotics do the trick and fast. She is acting much better but the cough has GOT to go. She is not liking the breathing treatments so much anymore. She does this thing with the mask and it sounds like piggie noises. She entertains us!

Please pray that she gets over this cough very soon. I still worry for her lungs. Thanks for checking in!

~ Terri

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DevonLeah said...

Feel better, Ava!!!! I hate that she has this cough... =0( Glad her lungs are looking ok though!