Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hello Ava friends! Our Summer wound down with a trip to the Peoria Zoo and a baseball game. We had such a great family day.


She is growing SO much!





Ava with Homer the Peoria Mascot.


Okay so guess what came that I had so much anxiety about? Yes you know it… Kindergarten! We had a meeting with Ava’s teacher, principle, school nurse and well a few others too. (Everyone wants/needs to know about this little girl!) I’m so happy with the way the school is handling Ava. I explained her story to them and brought a few pictures of her at her worst. Pictures are worth a thousand words and in Ava’s case maybe a million words. I really feel they ‘get’ her.

You don’t know how long I’ve dreaded her going to Kindergarten, you know the place with “all those germs”? The place that has all those sick kids? I fear this germy world. So here is why I fear… for those of you who have been following Ava’s journey since birth know her very fragile start. When internal organs aren’t in their correct spots and surgery needs to be performed to bring stomach, intestines, spleen and liver down things are never quite the same. And not to mention us almost losing her at 25 months due to patch failing and getting digested by her small bowel. (Huh was she THAT hungry?) AND severe bowel obstructions! So when you see YOUR child laying in THAT hospital bed and doctors say, “Well we are hoping for the best but she is not doing so well” you kind of learn to adapt and pray and hope for the best. Therefore that is what I’m doing now as she goes to Kindergarten each and every day. I’ve been protecting her for almost 6 years. (Her birthday is in a few short weeks, yikes!) She’s been my shadow. It’s a very scary thing for me. I had a rough first day but I’m asking God to give me peace. He has done an AMAZING job giving us Ava’s teacher. She understands and is willing to accommodate my requests.

SO without further ado. Here is Ava at Kindergarten!

School 7284

School 7285

School 7273

Here is Ava with her teacher, Mrs. Weitzel. Ava really likes her and that makes me a little less nervous!

School 7274

School 7282

Here is a few pictures of her school room. Her favorite spot is the kitchen!

School 7277

School 7280

Here is her and her sisters on the first day of school. Lexis started High School. Emeline is in 7th grade and Miss Ava in Kindergarten!

School 7642

AND off she goes…

School 7650

Can anyone say TALL? Yes she is in the 95 percentile for her age.

School 7652

The first thing she said to me when I picked her up was, “Mom I was a little scared but I did okay.” It brought tears to my eyes because THAT was exactly how I felt!

I’d love if you continue to pray for Ava and her health. We really need her to stay well. Thanks so much for dropping by. I hope you all had an amazing Summer!


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