Sunday, August 26, 2012

Braving the Waters



Hello everyone. Ava’s been having a really hard time adjusting to Kindergarten. I’m not sure exactly what is going on with her. She did great the first two days which were both half a days. Then on Thursday her first full day, she cried after lunch time. Friday was a tough day for her. We were called only after about two hours of her being in school. She was crying and very upset. We don’t like Ava to cry because of her lungs so I opted to go to the school and comfort her. She was really scared and grabbed me when I walked into the room. I talked her through thing and offered to come back and spend lunch with her. She agreed and I was able to leave. At lunch she came running and threw her arms around me and started crying. I assured her she was okay and we averted her energy by eating lunch in a separate class room just her Brian and I. She seemed okay when we left. I picked her up that afternoon and she tells me she isn’t going back because she feels to scared. It broke my heart. I didn’t let her see my sadness for her fear. I reminded her that she would now have the next two days off due to the week-end. She didn’t understand. She started crying about school a few hours. She gets very emotional. I’m wondering if it is the regular “separation” anxiety or if it’s something more. She almost looked like she was having a panic attack on Friday morning. And Friday night she had a very long night terror. It took over her little body and I was very afraid for her. It’s always hard watching your child struggle. She had not had a night terror for several months. This has brought them on again. As always I’m concerned. Her teacher and her school is amazing and has done everything to help her. She has 24 other classmates. When Ava was very little she suffered from sensory overload which is when you get too stimulated you start to shut down. One of the signs of this is anxiety, high heart rate and crying. My gut tells me it is just more than normal “separation” anxiety. We are hoping tomorrow goes alright. I will have to talk to her teacher and see what the plan can be. If she is too upset I may have to take her to the doctor and talk about things that could help her.

On a brighter note our family was given a wonderful gift from Make A Wish… Ava wished for a trip to Disney World in Florida. We will be leaving late October. We are all very excited. Ava and all of us deserve this trip so much. We’ve all been through so much with Ava’s CDH diagnosis. So naturally I had to make a sign and take a few pictures. Also to the right of the blog you will notice a graph this is our team for the “Walk for Wishes” walk through Make A Wish that we will be participating in on October 14th. We are super proud to be helping this organization. If you’d like to make a donation you can go to this page.

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Please keep Miss Ava in your prayers. She seems to always keep me on my toes. Pray for a smooth ride and for her to be relaxed and unafraid at school.

Thanks for your love and prayers.


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