Saturday, March 7, 2009

Potty training!

Ava enjoying her music...."The Wiggles" of course!

Well hello there to you all! We have been having really good weather here in Iowa the last few days...with the exception of today. Ava LOVES to be outside. Fresh air is exactly what we all need. Here she is enjoying the sunlight and warm weather! I captured the look on her face as I was about to open the front door. Happy Ava?

It's a little funny to me....the young, old, and hurt people grab for the rails. Okay I make this joke because I too was in this category about 5 years ago. I broke my back and I quickly learned where ALL the rails and helping things were EVERYWHERE. Ava's last surgery put a fear in her of almost everything. She has a fear of falling and being left alone. SO naturally I took a picture of her using the rails to come off the front porch!

I don't think she quite believed we were actually outside.

Stopping to pose for Mommy.

This little lady wasn't sure of the swing but then there came this huge smile. I guess she likes it now!

"Look Mommy a cash register."

Ava checking out the club house.

This is our dog Belle. She is very old. She can't see or hear anymore....Ava loves to chase her around she can actually catch her.

I stole a picture of me looking down on her.

Okay how precious is this picture? She is holding my hand. Can you remember the last time you held a tiny hand? It is pure joy.

Here she is looking down at our pond. I can't wait until spring. Oh how I love to feed our fish!

Well Ava and her potty training has taken off. I am so proud of her. She has only had a few accidents but mostly she pees and poos in the pot! Okay for all you people out there that want to see....... what you've all been waiting for.....poop! This is her first time but she has done it two other times since then. I'm telling you this girl "gets" it! (I have to give you all something to smile about today!) ;)

Ava is still really delayed in her speech so I finally broke down and invited speech into the home for lessons. Melissa is going to come on Tuesday. Ava took speech for a few weeks back in August and September, before she reherniated. I didn't think it helped but now I think it will. She wants to talk so badly. She doesn't get mad when she can't explain herself but I know it must be so frustrating. She mostly signs and we understand her that way. We were teasing her the other night. (Emeline and I) We asked her if she spoke "English?" She noded her head no. I said "Ava you speak Avalish!" We all laughed. Don't get me wrong she babbles and bables but it is mostly "B's" and "D's" and "A's" No real words. She will learn with time. This is the thing I worry about the "least!"

Thursday night I got to enjoy Lexis sing as she was in the "All City Choir" this year. My Mother came over and watched Ava. It was nice to get away. Brian was working but he was able to sneak away for about an hour. Boy I am so proud of Lexis. She has a great voice....Huh I wonder if she got it from me? Anyway it was so good! Ava missed me but was very good from grandma.

This was Lexis in her 5th grade choir.

Almost all the choirs. It was 5th grade to high school students. I too sang in this choir when I was in school. It was like seeing my life coming "full circle!" Kinda neat.

This is Emeline at the concert. This child is such a ham!

Here is a sample of part of one of the songs.


We walked Lex and Em to school yesterday. Here is what Miss Ava looked like in the wagon......oh you should have seen the smiles!

Ava decided to take an early nap today....This is what she looks like right now.(11:15am)

Ava is doing great on her g tube feeds. We are up to about 600 ml's a day. She can tolerate now, during the day, 46 ml's an hour. I am so happy for her. I'm not liking getting up at 5:30 am to shut off her TPN but I'm pretty certain that soon TPN will be a thing in the past. I'm hoping to be rid of it in the next few months. I know we will make one more decrease. We are on 8 hours at night and then it will go to 4 hours then OFF! That will be a great day to get rid of the central line. It will be a huge burden that gets taken off my back.

As always thanks for checking on Ava we love all the prayers and support. God Bless you all! Tomorrow is my 34th birthday. So I'm just really thankful to be here on this earth and to have the privilage of being a Wife and Mother. God has really blessed me beyond my dreams!

~Terri, Ava, and the rest of the clan!


Kathyb1960 said...

It is so good to see her sitting up and looking happy and healthy in a wagon...rather than being in the hospital halls!

She just looks so good! I know that is a special b-day gift for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Lacey said...

Happy birthday tomorrow. How nice to go outside. I love how she sits with her legs back, that is so cute.

Lacey said...

They do have the same "do". Our surgeon changed Jax first tube. The first time I changed it it was freaky, but now its no problem. They put a foley catheter in the emergency g-tube kit in case the button gets pulled out. The hole in the stomach closes in like 20 minutes so you have to put something in that hole to keep it open.