Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ava has a cold.

Hello everyone! Ava has come down with a cold. She woke up this morning coughing. I immediately started her on her breathing treatments. She was scared again but by the second one she was like, "Okay this is a breeze....nothing to it!" I give her an Albuterol and then a Pulmicort treatment. She is also on Dimetapp for kids. This helps with her runny nose. Her right lung sounded really weird today. Almost like there was something running in there. A big dump truck. I do have a real stethascope here at home. Tonight it sounds better. We will be going to visit her nurse practioner on Tuesday in Iowa City. I might ask to see the Pulminologist. So far she is doing well and the cold hasn't stopped her. We call her "The Tornado" because she causes distruction where ever she goes!

Shawna our favorite newspaper reporter came over on Friday. We are doing another story on her and CDH. I'm excited. She just sent it to me and it brought tears to my eyes. She always seems to capture our experiences. Shawna if you are reading, "You have been an amazing tool for us to spread awareness to so many. We appreciate your wonderful spirit." I can't wait to share the article with all of you. It is supposed to run in the Hawkeye paper tomorrow. I'll let you all know. Here is a few pictures of Ava on Friday. See the fire in her eyes?

Friday we shut Ava's stomach feeds off at 2:30 in the afternoon. It was a little test to see if she would get hungry. IT WORKED! She ate about 15 bites of a few different things. She is on the right road. This was about her appetite before she reherniated. I was so excited. However we know how important it is that she gets all her calories on the g-tube feeds, so we only do this occasionaly. But we have hope!

We have had some nice days here in Iowa. The girls love to take Ava out and then we all go on wagon rides....okay Ava rides we walk! She hates to come inside. She cries and cries. She doesn't realize the nice days are just starting!

Please pray that this cold will not bring Ava down. Her lungs did take a big hit a few months ago and I reallty pray that she is able to cough the gunk up to get it out. The bad thing is with coughing comes throwing up. Not fun but necesary to get the mucus out of the lungs. Thanks for all your messages and all your prayers!


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Lacey said...

Praying that the cold goes away without causing to many problems. Love the beanie.