Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday Ava!

These two top photos were taken this morning before school.

Hello! Ava is still fighting her cough but she is the happiest I've ever seen her today. She is thrilled today is her birthday. She went to school and I'll be taking her for her birthday lunch. Special day for a Miracle girl!
Today is bitter sweet for us. Ava joined the world and we knew that she would be fighting a very hard fight. Some doctors told us that her diaphragmatic hernia was so severe that her odds of surviving were 30-35%. They suggested termination. We trusted God and are thrilled that today she turns 9. I often wondered if stories of Miracles from the Bible happened today.... Ava is just that! All the signs pointed that her body would not be able to sustain it's self. Yet over and over in her 9 years she's faced over 6 major surgeries, countless hospital stays and many "close to death moments"... God has blessed us all more than I could ever try to describe in words. Today our entire family raise her up and thank God for this AMAZING Miracle. So many prayers were said over her lifetime and He heard and answered each one and we are so grateful!


Jo said...

Hey. I've been following Ava for three years now. She's a strong beautiful girl. Tell her that for me. I'm a freshman in highschool, and I think I've learned a lot from a girl as small as Ava. She's amazing and a tough cookie. I hope all is well with her :D God bless!

Anonymous said...

Can you update more? Your last update was a while ago, and I'm worried about Ava.