Thursday, October 3, 2013

Peanuts anyone?

Hello Ava friends! So last week end we decided to take up an offer that “Give Kids the World” had given us when we left last November. (Free tickets!) We went to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. We all had a great time. As always Ava gets my heart pumping. She had started coughing that Wednesday before and we started her regular “coughing regimen” and visited the doctor to see how her lungs sounded. She said they were clear. She wrote us a script for an antibiotic “just in case” which made me feel a LOT better. So Friday morning we packed our family and went! We also checked out Kaleidoscope on Saturday. What a great place for kids to explore and gain so much for their minds. Ava as well as her sisters were creating awesome works of art and loving it! If you have never been there and are around the area I highly recommend the Kaleidoscope!




We loved this section as Ava’s school has “Book Nook”. A book nook is a book she brings home to read each day. It helps her read better!


We loved this sink. It was just so neat!



So since it rained on Saturday we decided to do the park on Sunday. What a great choice we made. It was a gorgeous day! And perfect for rides! Ava was over her cough by Sunday which helped me to enjoy it that much more! She is not afraid to ride almost everything! I on the other hand am afraid of everything! So photography fits me just fine on a trip like this!

Peanuts anyone?



Ava 1

Ava 3

Ava 4

Ava 5

Ava 6

Ava 7

As you can see we had FUN! It was nice to get away. We had such a great family bonding time!

Now sad news is Ava woke last night with a very upset stomach. It didn’t take her long to get sick. I kept her home from school today and was glad I did as diarrhea was next. I called her teacher and she said it is “going around”. Not what I wanted to hear but we will do the best we can with what we are given. Please pray for little Ava. She’s a little trouper and rarely complains. She hates to miss school but knows she must when she isn’t well.

Thanks everyone for your love, support and many prayers! We are happy to share our good times and bad ones with you.



Raelyn said...

Your second picture of Ava. I love it!! ;)
What fun!! I am a bit jealous of those places!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D
I pray that little Ava's stomach bug heals up.... And for everybody to else evade it!! ;)

Raelyn said...

It has been over one month since you last posted on this Blog!! I am missing Ava, my Kindred Spirit CDH Friend!! I do hope that she is keeping herself well and healthy!! Are you adjusting to the time change? {If you have it, as some states do not?} ;)