Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sore throat


Hello Ava friends. I wanted to quickly do a update. Ava came down with a high temperature on Saturday night. The odd thing is that we went for a hike through Starr’s Cave to see Brian’s deck on Saturday and she was just fine. We walked about 2 hours through the woods. Us girls had a great day. We came home and all was well. She played with the neighbor boy until about 9:00 pm. (I know way too late.)  Ava came inside and went right to bed. I came down to check on her and noticed her arm felt hot. I woke her and took her temperature. It was 102.5. I gave her Tylenol and it came down within about an hour. She had times where she sweat and then had chills. She said her throat hurt really bad.

So Sunday morning I took her to the Quick Care clinic here in our town. The NP tested her for Strep. It was negative. She prescribed her an antibiotic and we were on our way.

Here she was Sunday night. She was so tired she fell asleep in the chair.


I’m not sure if she had a virus or an infections but by Monday she was MUCH better! She went to school today and felt herself. I’m so happy it was nothing more than that.

Thank the Lord she is better!!

A few of our hike pictures.



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Raelyn said...

I am sorry that Ava was sick!! No fun!! I am glad that she is feeling better, though!! I just recovered from a nasty chest cold myself--with asthma--I survived!! ;)