Monday, August 19, 2013

First day of 1st Grade


Hello friends. Yes Ava is in 1st grade. We met with her teacher and the school nurse on Friday to go over her medical history and all that her new teacher needs to know. The cool thing is Mrs. Brissey was Emeline’s teacher when Ava was born so she is very familiar with Ava’s story. I always feel a bit sorry for her teachers as I know having Ava in their class is a little bit more work. They need to keep a good eye on her in case something could go wrong with her insides. We want to know if she complains of stomach pains or if she would get hurt on the playground. We’d like them to call us if a problem of any kind arises. The school staff will be told about Ava’s CDH and her diaphragm. I want them to be aware she’s not the typical kid that complains and that if she tells one of them that she doesn’t feel well or that she got hurt they would take her to the nurse immediately. Ava’s isn’t a complainer… she’s never been! So when she hurts it’s usually something big.

Ava was so excited about going back! We got her ready, packed her lunch, fed her breakfast and off we went. I can’t believe my girls are growing up… Lexis is a sophomore. Emeline is in 8th and little Ava in first. Time sure flies. Ava’s stayed healthy over the Summer so I’m a little nervous about her going to school with so many. I do know that she loves to learn and she loves to socialize so we will do what we need to do to get her through!

Lexis’s first day is tomorrow so she didn’t get in this picture.


We walked this morning and she had a bounce to her step.


Her locker… she was pretty happy this year she got a locker!


I’m doing the school yearbook again so I took a few extra photos as well. She has such an amazing school with wonderful teachers and staff. We are truly blessed in MANY ways!

first day

Today and tomorrow are only half days so they can all get adjusted. Here… here to the NEW school year! Much learning is ahead and with God’s help she will stay healthy!

Thanks for all the love, support and prayers!

For our CDH parents that follow I did make a CDH form for children to take to their schools. If you are interested in getting one please email me at They come in really handy for daycares, and all school ages. I always say knowledge is power! You can view the forms here.

~Terri Helmick


Raelyn said...

First Grade!! Wow, what an incredible milestone for such a Beautifully Unique hard to kill, brave little girl!! ;-D

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