Monday, June 3, 2013

And a COLD strikes again

Well Hello Ava followers. I can’t believe Summer is finally here. Ava has been doing so well. She got over her last cold and then a week or so later Lexis got a really bad cold. Then Brian got it… then Emeline and then Ava. (I still have yet to get it.) Brian’s got so bad that when he wasn’t working he was in bed sleeping. I finally talked him into going to the doctor. He had an ear, nose and chest infection that almost landed him in the hospital. I’d been doing my best to keep Ava secluded as we KNEW it would not be a good one for her to get. (What cold is ever good?!) SO she got it. We pit her on steroids and Albuterol inhalers but she didn’t get any better. I took her to our local doctor twice within the week. The last time she prescribed an antibiotic. I called her Pulmonary doctor in Iowa City and they suggested continuing her steroid and was happy our local doctor put her on antibiotics. So day 7 of her steroids she finally started feeling better. I was so worried about her. We had to once again pull her from school and I was really sad as she missed the last few days of Kindergarten. She told me… “Mom don’t be sad for me I like being out of school.” Silly kid!

She has been doing so much growing. Her brain is just a little sponge. She’s lost 4 of her teeth now. She pulled one all by herself! And much to my surprise ON VIDEO! I actually just sent it in to America’s Funniest Home video. It is so cute and so funny. I had it uploaded to You Tube but they suggested I pull it as the more views it gets the less likely it will end up on their show. I was just shocked she pulled it out all by herself!


On May 30th we had a very bad wind/thunderstorm storm come through our neighborhood. It was terrible and did a lot of tree damage in our town… particularly in our neighborhood. Emeline and Ava were home alone. Lexis and I had went to get Supper and while we were gone it happened. When we drove back to our neighborhood we were shocked to find all the damage. Trees were covering roads. Large trees fell on houses. Photographer me, went exploring shortly after the storm and here is what I captured. (I didn’t take my best camera for fear the rain may damage it.) SO much destruction.




This tree just came up at the bottom and was tossed a few feet away. So odd.


Here is a large picture of the tree.




Our good friends own this house. It is a block away from our house. How does a tree this big just fall on a house?


Emeline and Ava were just fine and our house and yard were all intact. We were BLESSED greatly this day. Our town has cleaned up most of the damage. The winds were said to have been 85 miles an hour. Every street you turned on had a tree blocking the way. God was good. It could have been a lot worse. I don’t think anyone was hurt by the storm just a lot of damage to homes, garages and cars.

So we now start Summer vacation. I love that she won’t be exposed to so many germs. Now to get fully over this cold. Thanks for your continued love, support and prayers!



Raelyn said...

Chest colds are the worst!! As a sufferer from asthma, it's always my body fighting twain different illnesses. I prefer head colds!! My asthma is actually hardly a problem otherwise, {Praise God!!}. However, asthma/chest colds mix like oil and water, in my experience!! ;-/
Feel better soon, Ava!! You are so incredibly resilient!! ;)
What a brave girl, Ava for pulling your tooth!! I used to twist, yank, and sever my own teeth from their gums!! See, I had this cousin. Three years older than me. She was always terrified to the point of tears whenever a tooth felt loose. So, I just twisted, yanked, and pulled my own teeth!! Why? To prove myself braver than she!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D

A simple being said...

terri beth and i have thought alot about you guys as we hear the storms thru the midwest have been so bad. my girls have been the sickest this year, the schools seemed plauged as well, i dont think allergy season ever left the region here and the pollen you can dust off you when you come in. well im glad that you guys are safe and your angel is doing so well getting stronger everyday, your family has grown so much i can hardly beleive it.

Raelyn said...

It has been nearly one month since you last posted on this Blog!! I am missing Ava, my Kindred Spirit CDH Friend!! How is she doing? Healthy as can be expected considering her circumstances? ;)
Summer is here!! Are you surviving a heat wave.... Like us? I do hope that Ava is well, happy, thriving, and enjoying her Summer vacation from school!! ;-D