Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Believing in God

Good Morning Ava followers. We are getting very excited about Ava’s Make-A-Wish. We leave shortly for Florida and can’t wait for “Give Kids the World” and Disney World. I’ve been asking God to keep everyone healthy. So much gunk is going around in our area and especially in the schools.

Well Sunday Ava came down with a fever and a very sore throat. She had chills and her head hurt too. It makes me very anxious that she will get better before we leave.

I took her to the doctor first thing Monday morning. She has an ear infection and her throat on the same bad ear side looked bad as well. The doctor suggested we give her a very strong antibiotic shot called Rocephine shot. Ava has gotten used to the flu shots and doesn’t even flinch when she gets them however this antibiotic shot is a very painful shot to get. It burns and stings and can make your leg sore for a while. She was so strong. A few tears rolled down her cheeks but she didn’t cry or complain about getting the shot. We explained to her the reason we felt the shot was priority over liquid medicine. She’s getting older and she understands that all of this helps her feel better.

Her fever still raged on yesterday. She was sweating a lot and didn’t understand when she covered up with blankets, water came off her body. By about 5:00 pm she felt better and was running around again with her sisters.

She just woke up this morning and is very chipper. Her nose is now running. Oh how I pray this does not turn into a coughing cold. We don’t need this now. I’ve been telling God He has to make her better and quick. I believe with all my heart he can do this.

Please say a prayer for Ava and our family as we get ready for an experience of a life time with Make-A-Wish. We are so thrilled to be given this awesome opportunity. You know me I’ll have plenty of pictures to bring back and show you all. Thanks for your support in Ava’s life journey. God has Blessed our family!

I’ll leave you with a photo I took of Ava a few weeks ago. This is how we want her to look for her trip!



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