Thursday, June 14, 2012

Road ID Bracelets


Road ID bracelet-3

Hello Ava Fans! She has been doing great. She is enjoying being on Summer break and loves that her sisters are home all day long. It gets a little crazy at times! She’s been on this “telling stories” kick. She has a great imagination and many times people can’t tell she is making it all up! She is quite the story teller!

Her CDH check-up is next month. She will see her surgeon and her GI doctor. I can’t wait for them to see her. She’s been doing so well! She finally hit 37 pounds. This is HUGE for her!

I wanted to take a moment of your time and tell you about a product that I have come to love. Ava looks healthy… and she is right now but I always worry if I’m away from her will others be aware of her diaphragmatic hernia surgeries if she becomes ill? That answer is no, which got me to thinking, how can I change this? I was looking online and found Road ID. Their small, thin designed colorful bracelets caught my eye. I also noticed they were very easily washable, perfect for kids or anyone. I got on their contact page and asked if I could do a review of their product. They happily agreed. I was so excited. I ordered Ava two “Wrist ID Slim” ($15.99 a piece with the metal ID information.) and a few extra bracelets. (Extra bracelets were $1.00 a piece!) They had some awesome colors, black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple and red. We choose, pink, purple, black, blue and red.

Road ID Bracelets

Here is her purple bracelet. It has her name and birth year. We also added our names and phone numbers. The fourth line says, “Born without a Diaphragm” and the last line says, “Diaphragmatic Hernia”. Ava was missing about three-fourths of her diaphragm when she was born. I worry that if something happened to her and I wasn’t there that the first responders might not know what (CDH) Diaphragmatic hernia is so I put “Born without a Diaphragm”, to simplify it.

I find this bracelet very comforting to me. I know that she will be starting school in the Fall and I won’t be able to be with her all day long. I’ve informed the school and they are behind us 100% on calling me if anything happens to her. I feel an extra added protection with her wearing these bracelets… a piece of mind.

Road ID Bracelet single

Here is a few pictures of her modeling the pink bracelet this morning. The bracelets are soft and are very comfortable. We picked the Small size and it is perfect for her.

Ava Road ID Bracelet- 1

Road ID bracelet 2

Road ID Bracelet-4

Road ID Bracelet-6

I can’t stress enough how much I love these bracelets! I still have yet to come to terms with her starting school and being away from me for eights hours a day but this bracelet has certainly helped.

Now I know many of you that read our blog are thinking, “My child wasn’t born with a birth defect, they have no health issues.” These bracelets are great for vacations as well. Kids wander away and having the bracelet adds a sense of help that you would otherwise not have.

These bracelets are great if your child has an allergy, or diabetes or a birth defect like Ava. I’m so happy I have these bracelets. They have other items as well on their site. Please check them out today. Oh and shipping is only $1.49!

Road ID

Thanks again Road ID for letting us Review your product. I believe they are one of the best buys out there! Piece of mind for a Mother is HUGE!

As always thank for stopping by and please keep the prayers coming our prayer friends. God is good!

~Terri L. Helmick


Cindy said...

Thanks! I'm going to get these for my kids. I'd feel much better knowing my phone number is with them in case we get separated somewhere.

FaithCDH said...

Wow those photos are awesome! When did she grow up so much!

Kristin said...

SUCH a great idea! I was thinking the same things about my little Anna's CDH. I am going to check right now to see if they ship to Canada!!