Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Planting Flowers

Hello Ava followers! Just a bit of news… Ava was tested by our local AEA and we were thrilled to learn that she is testing within the normal ranges for her age. I’m just blown away by the progress she is making. Her speech teacher thinks Ava is doing “leaps and bounds” of what she was doing just one year ago. Drum roll… Brian and I are really thinking strongly about sending her to preschool in the fall. She actually could go to kindergarten but we have no interest in sending her. She is just not ready for that yet. So since she has never been with children her own age we thought a year of preschool will be just what she needs. I promised her that if she kept her weight up and stayed healthy that I’d let her go to preschool. She is SO excited. I spoke with the preschool administrator and told her about Ava’s health history. She seems to think Ava will be just fine. I will always worry about germs. I will always be overly concerned for her safety and well being. However I know it is time for her to spread her wing and fly! AND as I say this I must take a big sigh knowing all she’s been through. When the other two girls went to preschool they learned this song called, “Oh what a Miracle!” It is about knowing they are a Miracle and loving life. Can you imagine the tears I’ll have if Ava learns this song? God is SO good!

SO Ava is doing SUPER and I thought we’d share with you one of Ava’s favorite things. We found out she LOVES to plant. Yesterday she helped my Dad with his garden. They planted onions and cucumbers. She was not afraid to dig right in and help. So this morning we decided to plant some Petunias in my flower box. Ava was in Heaven planting and watering her flowers!


Ava 2

Ava 3

Ava 4

Ava 5

Ava 6

Ava 7

Ava 8

Oh what a happy Girl Ava is… she loves life and we never forget just how lucky we are to have her with us. Another one of her loves is bike riding! She has a bike that is attached to mine so we can all enjoy family bike time. We go almost every night. Ava’s all time favorite thing… going to the “Ice-cream shop”. She never tires of good ole’ Dairy Queen!

Well thanks again for dropping by. We appreciate your love, support and all the wonderful prayers we get from our AMAZING Blog friends!


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