Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful Day and Prayers for Isaiah.

Hello Ava followers Ava is doing SUPER. She is over her cold and finally has no more coughing. We enjoyed the day outside all day today.

I just love this little girl!

AND this was a site that we came accross today. Ava calls them "Snacks" These were all over my parents yard. I spent a few hours removing large roaks from their stream. It was clogging it up and the water wasn't able to run freely. It felt awesome outside and it was great to feel the warm sunshine. Is Spring really here?

I often get emails and messages from the blog. A few months back I got an email from a woman that just found out her baby had Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. (Same defect as Ava.) She was distraught and I told her to keep the faith and hold on to hope. Well surprisingly within a few emails we discovered we both lived in Iowa. I offered to be there at the delivery. She doesn't have much family. She was thrilled. Yesterday she went into labor and at 6:14 pm I saw this little man be born. I was also taking some pictures for her. There is a story being told in these pictures.

Then two hours later we saw him in the NICU. He was actually doing very well. Which typically these babies will have what they call a "honey-moon" stage. This can last about 24-48 hours. Then the pulminary hypertention shows it's ugly head. The baby has a hard time controling it's blood pressure due to the heart pumping rapidly and not alowing the proper blood flow to the lungs. This is why so babies die from the CDH. So here he is with his Mommy seeing him for the very first time.

Please say a prayer for Baby Isaiah and his Mother Angel. They both have very tough days ahead of them. I started a blog for her as well. Isaiah's Fight Pray! Pray! Pray! Thanks again for all your love and support!



Devon said...

Terri, I am in awe of you loving, generous spirit. Ava's story has touched me since I first learned about her, and reading this touched me anew. Prayers for Baby Isaiah.

Anonymous said...

that was really really sweet to support that mom like that. how is the baby doing??