Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Conquering Her Fears...

Ava says "Hello Eveebodi!" She has been doing LOTS of new things. We went on a small family vacation last week to Adventureland. She rode on a few of the rides. She was not afraid at all. She rode the planes, trains, dragons, boats, lady bugs, small ferris wheel and kids semi trucks. She was in Heaven I have to add. She was smiling ear to ear most of the time. Before the end of the afternoon she was all tuckered out. We had a great day! Enjoy the slideshow of a few of our favorite pictures.

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Ava was a bit held back in her gaining weight due to a cold. We put her on breathing treatments that seemed to help out a ton. She is finally getting back to normal. I know it was due to her being so "out in public" but she really needed to get out an experience life.

I weighed her today and she is back to 31 pounds. She had lost a pound so I was very worried. Must have been all the sweet corn we've been eating lately with the REAL better added to hers. She eats the butter plain! Yep she loves it!

I was concerned about her g tube hole as it was getting red again but with a few days of antibiotic ointment it is looking much better. She has just a bit more to close and it will be all healed.

I took the girls on a bike ride today to the park. It was SO hot out today.I brought along my tiny camera to get a few pictures. Take a look.

Back to the title of the post... Forever Ava has been afraid of almost everything. She is very afraid to try new things. She holds back until she is 100% sure she will not get hurt. The amusement park was a big step for Ava but tackling the waterpark was HUGE. She went down the waterslide for the very first time yesterday. I was SUPER proud of her. Watch the video below...

Please continue to keep Ava in your prayers.Thanks for your love and support.


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Sue mom to Emily LCDH 1-22-08 said...

I LOVE seeing Ava so happy and full of life! Adventureland looks like tons of fun and the waterslide is a perfect size for her. I'm thrilled for you and her that the gtube is GONE! It gives me hope for Emily to also be tube free one day.