Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally 30 Pounds…Party!

So I know I haven’t posted in a little while….that is because everything has been going so good. We are trying to stay out of the way of this nasty flu that seems to be hovering over the US right now.

I put her on the scale this morning before bath and she finally hit 30 pounds! I screamed so loud. You should have seen me jumping and dancing around. She just smiled. I told her this is wonderful she is eating and getting so healthy!

She also had a post surgical visit with Dr. Shilyanski today. I’ve been putting it off and they really thought it was necessary to see her. After all it had been two months. I was pretty excited about them all seeing how great she looks. I was very nervous about exposing her to all the sicknesses out there so I called before going in and they got us into a room fairly fast. We did have to wait for a while to be seen and then it was Dr. Pitcher that came in. He apologized that Dr. Shilyanski had an emergency patient and hoped I understood. Absolutely I did! I was sad though as I wanted him to also celebrate her wellness as he was the biggest reason she was better. I addressed my questions and concerns and they all were pleased with her over all progress. She just looks healthy….finally!


She looks So grown-up in this next picture.



Here is Miss Impatience! She lays in my lap.


Daddy helps to pass the time with funny faces! Notice who shows the tongue first.




I had to show you this picture I happen to capture. They have the very same look on their faces….priceless!


So on our way out who did we see coming down the hall? Dr. Shilyanski!! He came right up and started chatting. He was very impressed with Ava. I literally could have hugged that man! He means a lot to Brian and I. If you’ve had a child with many issues you understand that when a doctor “gets you” you LOVE them. They asked when we wanted to bring her back and I answered, “Never!” I will of course take her back but it feels great not having any MAJOR issues at this point. She is just busting out words left and right. Tonight she was having a hard time getting into her costume. I looked over and noticed she had her leg in the arm sleeve. I calmly told her that she must take her foot out that it was in the wrong spot. She says as though she is 16 years old, “A Mommy!” Brian looked up and we just started laughing and laughing! Too cute!

And this is her I hate going to the doctor look.


AND you must know that she is being “Po” from the “Teletubbies” for Halloween. Well just for fun. Little Miss thing will be spending this holiday inside our happy home. BUT I couldn’t resist the costume. She wears it many times during the day!

All in All a great day!

Is she not the cutest “Po” you have ever seen?


Love to you all and please try to stay healthy as we are REALLY trying hard to do! Thanks for your continued prayers.



Jen said...

Ava looks fantastic and so healthy!! It's great to see her doing so well! Prayers for a healthy fall/winter for your family.


brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful milestone and well-deserved celebration...30 pounds :) She looks wonderful and I'm so pleased to read that she had a great check-up. Keep it up Ava! :)

Katie said...

It's wonderful to hear such positive things! Praying you ALL stay healthy!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute as Po and glad to hear that she is getting bigger and is staying Healthy

Love Alison and seth