Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Do

Well hello to all of Ava’s fans. We have been very busy. Brian and I have been painting the exterior of our house. It has been a pain to say the least. However it is a huge job and we will get it done soon.

I decided it was time to give Ava a “Pixie” hair cut. It is adorable and fits her to a “T”! Take a look for your self.


She is doing really well….in fact sometimes I forget how sick she was. THAT my friends is a good thing! She smiles a lot and is talking and saying SO many more words. I have been asking her question and she answers them. I am so shocked. The other day I asked her where her Daddy was? She answered “Worch” AND the I asked where her sisters were and she said “Soool”. I was so happy. Slowly but surely she will get it.


A few more pictures of today.


This is a historic street in our town called “Cobblestone Alley”. One of the oldest streets still left standing. It makes a great spot for a picture.



Miss Personality here everyone!


Thanks for stopping by we are all doing pretty well and SO thankful that life is slowing down! If you would please keep Ava in your prayers as things keep going so well for her. She deserves all the happiness life can muster!



Lacey said...

Lovin the new do. Its totally her. She is soo cute.

Rebecca said...

My daughter has that same shirt...I love it!

Thanks for your comment on our blog...I am so scared something will happen to Talmage now...I thought we were in the clear..who was your original surgeon at CHOP? Ours was Dr. Kenneth Liechty. Talmage's hernia was repaired without using anything synthetic...does that make it less likely to reherniate?


Anonymous said...

Oh Ave, you are looking so grown up in your new hair do. And talking up a storm. God bless you Sweetie and your whole family!
Susan Hege

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have previewed. Typo Miss Ava! certainly not Ave. what is wrong with me. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Her new do is gorgeous as is she!! So happy to read she is doing well. (:

Vicki Jensen said...

Adorable haircut Ava! We're thrilled that you guys are doing so well. We're always checking in and rooting for Ava!